The Rebirth of the Conservative Party

Prayers of our Founder

The past of this nation is riddled with numerous shifts in direction. Yet always,at its core is a willingness and drive to accomplish something greater than itself. From the left and right wing of our government great things have indeed been done. Despite this fact do not assume things are now as they have been in the past.

Once rugged individualism and an overwhelming compassionate nature divided us. A healthy balance. Something that represented the internal struggle in us all. A need to rely on ourselves for solutions and the helping hand we are compelled to lend to others. However this understandable distinction is not what divides us today. At present the difference between the two warring factions of our nation is drawn with two very different lines. We are faced now with a citizenry diametrically opposed at a very basic level. The conservative base of today finds itself standing opposite of a leering memory. By comparison to the rest of the world,the United States is a young nation. Within its first 300 years it stands in the same place it did at the time of its founding,combating an overbearing,ever growing,nearly all powerful government,its own. As the disconnect from the people has grown,government bodies vote themselves raises,special statuses, exemptions from the laws they force on the people. A ruling royal class in a country that rejected that same notion violently. With this power,what for a time was an act of compassion for the truly downtrodden and needy,became a tool to foster dependance. Certainly it did not take long to realize the potential to live purely upon government assistance. Not for need mind you but for the simplicity in accomplishing the task. Over time this nanny state mentality has taken the place of a compassionate stance. Those who wished only to provide for themselves and be free now exist merely as an income source to the federal government. While time has fostered a culture that resents the success afforded by hard work,the utopian ideal does not function without those who produce. The money must come from somewhere.

Now as before, we have deeply divided and entrenched set of beliefs. As the rest of the world falls prey to the damage caused by glorified social reconstruction and the redistribution of wealth, the last bastion of freedom on Earth prepares for a revolution. Similar to the major conflict that created our nation, inividual property rights, personal freedom, and the size and scope of government are issues that take center stage for a second act. Where the previous war was fought with swords, cannons and muskets this is a battle of ideas, principles and information. To be certain, those that stand in the footprints of our forefathers are at a strategic disadvantage comparible to that of our predecessors. In this age of information technology the vast array of media firepower belongs almost exclusively to the left. Until now.

For years we have been content that somone is preventing the destruction of our republic from within. All that concerned the average American was the struggle to survive, exist and provide for a family. In the last several years a nick in the establishments media armor has allowed truth to escape. Once the rumors of wild spending on frivolous projects and entitlements started circulation a quest for knowledge sprang to life. A furious population demanding answers appeared, inquiring how the nation had come to this. Upon a closer analysis this disease has spread almost silently, under the cloak of media protectionism and hollywood spin. Finally exposed the tactics of the left pushed the extremes, beginning a narrative of hate speech, racial division, religious division and class warfare. Stunned, the proverbial jaw of the conservative nation has dropped, leaving many to search for answers that must exist somewhere. Enter the Citizen Journalist and New Media.

The Tea Party movement of 2010 appears to be the first of a resounding grassroots backlash unleashed upon the radical left. The discovery of communists, socialists and extreme radicals embedded within our government and media was knowledge painstakingly brought to light. The level of obstructionism is unprecedented, the facts are there but no one wants to divulge or cover them. With one section of the American people awakened, the alarms went off, calling more private citizens do dive into the vast archive of history and facts stored on the internet. Suddenly closeted secrets became common knowledge, and the stir it caused has forced the media to address the scandals, or be labeled as obvious tools for the liberal agenda. The Citizen Journalist and New Media collaboration promises wave on wave of additional support for the already in motion Tea Party. They do their own research, they generate their own ammunition by digging up hidden or forgotten facts to turn on their enemy. With this model, a Tea Party loudspeaker combined with the steady stream of devastating facts supplied via New Media, conservatives are pounding away at the monumental liberal extremist construct. This has not gone unnoticed by the left.

The pressure applied to the permanent powers that be have forced the hand of elites. Left with few options, they have returned to the tried and true tactics of old, lie, shift blame, divide, vilify, and cultivate fear. There is no choice now but to do the same. Rather than use ancient tactics of misdirection, the conservative base has chosen another time honored tradition. They have returned to strict moral values, directed a brighter light on the need for journalistic integrity, highlighted fiscal sanity, and demanded representative government. A touch of familiarity, ominously similar to the state of affairs while under command of our previous king.

In response to the destructive and abusive rule of a king, the people banded together in revolt. I submit to you that there is an equally destructive and abusive rule today. True to form the Americans have decided to stand once again, to defend their right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. They have chosen to walk the difficult path, and resist with their final breath the looming threat that faces our republic. From the shadows of our forefathers an army is emerging, as America’s Conservative Party is reborn.


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  2. we need a revolution! A real 1!

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